Stephanie and I are privileged to lead Access Church in Jacksonville, Florida, in partnership with North Point Community Church of Alpharetta, GA. We held our first public service on March 4, 2007 and are having the time of our lives!

We believe that everyone has been created to worship God. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to settle for crummy substitutes. Sometimes even the Church gets in the way of what we most desire–to really know God and honor him with our lives.

We believe that the Bible offers us help–in fact, that it is God's letter to us. The Bible offers us a real picture of God's relentless pursuit of rebellious people, and his constant mission to chase after those who are far from him. Wild. The creator of the universe wants the same thing for us that we do–a relationship with him! It's been an enriching experience for us both to study the Bible at Trinity Seminary.

We believe that humans grow and learn best about themselves, each other, and God when we are in relationships that are authentic. We have been unbelievably touched by our friends–both by those who are God-followers and those who are not. Our lives, in many ways, are the sum of the relationships God has given us. We are so grateful for our friends and family.

We believe that our purpose in this life is clear and exciting. We have been given this incredible gift–to know the God who made us–and we want others to know him too. Not because they need to be more like us, but because God desires and deserves their worship. What better calling?!